Who we Are
MAP Business Consulting has been providing financial intelligence to Bangkok area business for over 10 years. We provide a Profit and Loss statement each month. It includes an excellent analysis of your business to keep you informed. We have a experienced and knowledgeable staff that is willing to help you every step of the way. Our tax department is staffed with enrolled agents to help you with your critical tax planning issues, tax preparation and if needed, to represent you before the Revenue Department.

Napaporn Karnkamol bookkeeping department. An employee for over 20 years and she has countless hours of experience processing financial statements and handling payroll tax matters. She handles all new clients as their work is brought up to date and they become a regular monthly Comprehensive client. At the point she feels the client is familiar with our system and we have prepared a monthly statement she will turn the account over to one of our experienced bookkeepers. At that time our client is notified of the new bookkeeper and the bookkeepers telephone extension. From that point on the same bookkeeper will be working on processing the monthly work every month.

Tax Department
Amornpun Thanusing makes up our tax department. The most valuable duties he is involved in are reviewing our clients business and personal tax situations as the year progresses. Our goal is to make sure our clients have no surprises with their taxes at the end of the year. We consult with our clients to inform them of tax savings option available or if they need to increase or decrease tax payments during the course of the year. We feel that ongoing business and tax planning are among the most important benefits we provide to our clients.

MAP Business Consulting was started on New year ’s Day, 1999, by Marut Simasatein, Amornpun Thanusing and Napaporn Karnkamol hired the first employee after and has been growing and improving ever since. As MAPBC was able to provide his clients with computer printed financial statements, long before there was a computer on every desktop.

MAPBC has continued to grow and have the ability to provide its clients with additional services that separate us from other accounting offices. We are now located in Sathorn district (Central Business District), with a bookkeeping and tax staff of over twenty employees to help meet our clients’ needs. And Mr.Marut is proud to note that Napaporn is still a supervisor overseeing his bookkeeping department. MAPBC’s innovation has continued.

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